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As a model of efficient and harmonious development for both human and environment, Anton provides advanced technologies, products and services for both oilfield and gasfield all over the world

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What We Provide
Core Competitive Advantage, Two Main Businesses and Two Auxiliary Businesses
Anton takes combination of geology and engineering as the core competitive advantage, committing to providivng personalized solutions to solve problems for clients specifically.
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Central Asian Europe
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Cao Xuehong

Anton Well Completion Tool R&D Expert. Have rich experience in the research and promotion of cementing tools and technology, completion tools, fracturing tools and sand and water control tools.

Chen Nengxue

Anton General Manager of Oil and Gas Field Development Department. Dean of Research Institute, Chief Development Geology Expert of Anton Petroleum, former Director,Chief Geologist.

Hu Ertai

Anton President of Drilling Industry Group. Started as a front-line technician and worked overseas for 20 years.

Li Zhanguo

Anton Drilling and Completion Fluid Expert. Very familiar with drilling and completion fluid materials and production processes, and has 19 years of experience on land and offshore mud.

Lv Yongguo

Anton Vice President of Production Increasing Technology and Operation. Master of Oil and Gas Field Development, focusing on tight oil and gas well completion and production enhancement.